Reaching Forward "Burning The Lies" #B9R023
Release Date: 06/25/2002

Track List:
1) Torn Apart
2) I Won't Deny
3) Leaving The Past behind
4) Days Turn Into Years
5) Melted Minds
6) Until I Forget
7) Day By Day
8) Face The Truth
9) Cage
10) In Your Eyes
11) Take It back
12) My Shadow Ahead
13) Breaking The Silence
14) Empty Inside

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1st press

CD version
Reaching Forward Burning The Lies CD

Limited to: CD Only

REACHING FORWARD was a great straight edge hardcore band from Holland. After touring with American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost, these guys went on to play in Modern Life is War and No Turning Back. This was originally released overseas by Reflections, and we licensed it so that kids in the states can hear what is going on in the straight edge hardcore scene over there. 14 songs crucial to worldwide hardcore