No Turning Back "Rise From The Ashes" #B9R067
Release Date: 09/20/2005

Track List:
1) True Colors
2) Sick World
3) Tomorrow Will Be Different
4) Rise From The Ashes
5) Down & Out
6) Poisoned Tongues
7) Play My Game
8) Worthless Lines
9) Vengeance

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1st press

CD version
No Turning Back- Rise From The Ashes CD

Limited to: CD Only.

No Turning Back "Rise From The Ashes" CD EP- No Turning Back's Bridge Nine debut release. 9 Songs, featuring their Rise From the Ashes EP and 3 songs from the long out of print European split 7" with The Deal. No Turning Back dug even deeper in the search for their definition of true hardcore and these new songs sound harder, meaner and more aggressive then ever before! No Turning Back never made any concessions to anyone and it shows. This is pure, uncompromising and pissed off hardcore!