Terror "Live and Death" #B9B01
Release Date: 03/14/2003

Track List:
1) What Have We Done (Live)
2) Better Off Without You (Live)
3) Nothing To Me (Live)
4) Dont Need Your Help (Live)
5) Push It Away (Live)
6) Life and Death (Live)

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1st press
TERROR Live and Death EP

Limited to: 500

This was B9's first "Bonus" 7" - we pressed a live Terror recording onto vinyl and gave most of them away to everyone who pre-ordered No Warning's "Ill Blood" LP. There were so many delays with that particular record, that we wanted to give them something extra, so we just included it as a surprise. The 327 copies that were given away with the NW records have a rubber stamped B-Side explaining it, and 173 copies have a blank B-Side.

Test Press
TERROR Live and Death EP (Test Pressing)

Limited to: 10