Proclamation "Taken By Force" #B9R005
Release Date: 08/03/1999

Track List:
1) Fake Edge
2) Closed Mind
3) Scenester Pride
4) Listen Up
5) Just Leave
6) What Is True
7) Where's The Unity
8) Hogan Sucks
9) Fathead
10) Beantown Beatdown (Baystate Bloodbath)
11) Two Lives
12) Burnout
13) Conform
14) Ashtray
15) Standing On The Edge
16) Words Meant Nothing

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1st press

CD version
Proclamation "Taken By Force" CD

Limited to: CD Only. CD is Out Of Print

Bridge Nine's first CD release. Proclamation were one of Boston's most controversial straight edge bands of the late 90's and "Taken By Force" is a reminder of a time when bands said what they meant, even if it made the crowd hate them. The CD is long out of print.