Death Threat "Peace & Security" #B9R010
Release Date: 03/18/2001

Track List:
1) Dead At Birth
2) Live & Learn
3) Disgrace
4) Outcast
5) You're The One
6) Life Sentence
7) Peace & Security?
8) Faded
9) Never Again
10) Misled
11) Nowhere Fast
12) Social Decay

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1st press
Death Threat "Peace & Security" LP Clear Blue Vinyl

Limited to: 810

Death Threat "Peace & Security" LP Blue Vinyl/Clear Pic Disc Sleeve

Limited to: 40

Death Threat logo spray painted on the Picture disc sleeve in gold spray paint. Made exclusively for the Record release show at the Met Cafe on March 18, 2001.

(SOLD OUT) Death Threat "Peace & Security" LP Solid Gray Vinyl

Limited to: 150

Test Press
Death Threat "Peace & Security" LP Test Press

Limited to: Actual quantities unknown