Panic "Dying For It EP" #B9R017
Release Date: 09/01/2001

Track List:
1) Written In Stone
2) Strength In Solitude
3) I Watch You Sleep
4) Lighthouse
5) Force It Till You Hear It Snap
6) I walk The Same Way Home Every Night
7) My Favorite Mistake Was You (CD Only)

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1st press
Panic "Dying For It" 7" EP Blue/Yellow Vinyl

Limited to: 400

Panic "Dying For It" 7" EP Black Vinyl

Limited to: 1500

Panic "Dying For It" 7" EP Solid Green Vinyl

Limited to: 150

CD version
Panic "Dying For It" CD EP

Limited to: CD EP is out of print

Out of print. Now featured on Panic's Strength In Solitude CD Collection.

Test Press
Panic "Dying For It" 7" EP Test Press

Limited to: 8