H2O "The Don Fury Demo Session EP" #B9R234

Release Date: 9/29/17

Recorded with Don Fury in December of 1994, H2O's first six songs were originally released as a four song demo (self-released) and a two song EP on Equal Vision Records.  We've brought them back to Don to re-master, and almost 23 years later, are releasing them together for the first time.  This 6 song EP is available digitally and on a limited edition 12" record, featuring artwork (and a beautifully screen-printed B-side) by tattoo artist Dan Smith.  Fans of Quicksand's debut EP, also recorded by Don Fury, might notice that we tracked down Charlee Johnson to handwrite all of the lyrics and credits for this reissue. 

Track Listing:
1. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
2. Scene Report
3. If the Mask Fits
4. Go
5. I Know Why
6. Temperature

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