Test Of Time "By Design" #B9R209

Release Date: 07/22/2014

Test of Time's members are no strangers to the punk scene, from frontman and photographer Todd Pollock to guitarist/vocalist and record label proprietor Charles Chaussinand to bassist and ex-Energy/Daytrader road dog Robert Cheeseman (the band also features Beartrap's Mike Assatly on guitars/vocals and Jeff Novak on drums). After unleashing a prolific amount of material considering their formation two short years ago, including one self-released 10-song demo (2012's Inclusion), two EPs (2013's The Price and the more recent A Place Beyond) and several cover singles, the band has crafted a proper full-length debut of speedy, howled youth crew hardcore à la Youth of Today, Bane and In My Eyes. By Design is guided by the careful, detail-oriented approach of architectural planning (as hinted at by its visual motif), and uses that focus to deliver unexpected shifts in tempo dynamic, musically and lyrically sly references to hardcore's past, and sincere decrees pertaining to vegetarianism, The Straight Edge, perseverance, and one's own personal growth and change.

Track Listing:
1. Contingency
2. Preservation
3. Timeline
4. Change Order
5. Entablature
6. Veneer
7. Perspective
8. Avant-Garde
9. Narthex
10. Threshold
11. Addendum
12. Perception [CD Bonus Track]
13. Timeline (Alternate Take) [CD Bonus Track]
14. Audible [CD Bonus Track]

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