Silver Snakes "Year Of The Snake" #B9R204

Release Date: 03/04/2014

Year of the Snake is Silver Snakes' first full-length in nearly three years, following 2011's Pictures of a Floating World (as well as 2012's "Old Light" single and last year's split EP with Souvenirs and Sundance). Their sophomore effort builds on the promise of those releases, delivering a heavy, uncompromising, metallic post-hardcore/alternative hybrid experimentally touching upon both ends of the rock spectrum, from sludgy forays to acoustic detours and a snarling melodic sensibility spread throughout.

Track Listing:
1. Four Crows
2. Smokestack
3. All Your Eye
4. Red
5. Sundance
6. Grey Wolf Wild
7. Fox & Embers
8. Vivora
9. No Color
10. Lock
11. In Our Bones

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