Iron Chic "The Constant One" #B9R201

Release Date: 11/05/2013

Iron Chic's long-awaited sophomore full-length, The Constant One ups the band's ante, boasting nearly 40 minutes of their heartfelt, signature melodic punk, with big build-ups, warm harmonies, and gripping climaxes. The band tackle somewhat altered subject matter from 2010's Not Like This with deeply embedded metaphors hinting at themes of communication, perseverance, and self-worth, making The Constant One no mere sequel, but rather its own set of cleverly cloaked ideas soundtracked by a bed of driving riffs and life-affirming, tremendous melodies.

Track Listing:
1. The End (Intro)?
2. Bogus Journey
3. (Castle) Numbskull
4. Wolf Dix Rd.
5. Prototypes
6. Spooky Action At A Distance
7. Sounds Like a Pretty Brutal Murder
8. A Serious House on Serious Earth
9. True Miserable Experience
10. Don't Drive Angry
11. What Ever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

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