H2O "Thicker Than Water" #B9R179

Release Date: 11/20/2012

Classic elements of East Coast hardcore and West Coast melody resonate through H2O's sophomore full-length, Thicker Than Water, originally released in 1997. The band's experience in both scenes, touring with bands from The Mighty Mighty Bosstones to Sick Of It All, Social Distortion and Rancid, fuse seamlessly on this record. A collection of sincere, in-your-face songs about personal responsibility, positivity and loyalty are highlighted in songs like "Wake Up", "Everready" and the title track. A must-have for hardcore fans on either coast and everywhere in between. [from epitaph.com]

Track Listing:
1. Universal Language
2. Everready
3. Talk Too Much
4. I See It In Us
5. Sacred Heart
6. Innocent Kids
7. Scarred
8. Go
9. This Time
10. Friend
11. A+
12. Phone Song
13. Responsible
14. Wake Up
15. Thicker Than Water

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