Strike Anywhere "In Defiance Of Empty Times" #B9R174

Release Date: 07/13/2012

In Defiance of Empty Times is a live acoustic collection from veteran melodic hardcore punks Strike Anywhere spanning their entire catalog. The record pulls from two different sets: a show in Rochester, NY with label-mates Polar Bear Club, and a gig on the eve of the Occupy Movement in Richmond, VA, which benefitted the Industrial Workers of the World organization. As frontman Thomas Barnett puts it, "This is the riot folk for rioting folks."

Track Listing:
1. We Amplify & Blaze
2. Infrared
3. Hollywood Cemetary
4. I'm Your Opposite Number
5. Chorus of One
6. Postcards from Home
7. Timebomb Generation
8. The Orphan Age
9. Prisoner Echoes
10. Extinguish
11. Sunset on 32nd

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