Agnostic Front "Victim In Pain" #B9R129

Release Date: 11/17/2009

Agnostic Front's debut LP, Victim In Pain, back again for the first time in many, many years on vinyl. We collaborated with AF to recognize the 25th anniversary since the original 1984 release of VIP, and have brought it back better than ever. LP features a 5-color printed gatefold LP jacket, with an embossed logo & title. Also includes the original handwritten lyrics from the 1984 release, and a printed dust jacket that features the original front and back cover art.

12) No One Rules (CD Only)
13) Final War (CD Only)
14) Last Warning (CD Only)
15) Traitor (CD Only)
16) Friend Or Foe (CD Only)
17) Fight (CD Only)
18) United Blood (CD Only)
19) Discriminate Me (CD Only)
20) In Control (CD Only)
21) Crucial Change (CD Only)

Track Listing:
1. Victim In Pain
2. Remind Them
3. Blind Justice
4. Last Warning
5. United & Strong
6. Power
7. Hiding Inside
8. Fascist Attitudes
9. Society Suckers
10. Your Mistake
11. With Time

4th Press / 300

3rd Press / 1000

2nd Press / 1000

1st Press / 400

1st Press / 800

1st Press / 1300

Test Press / 20