Polar Bear Club "The Summer Of George" #B9R118

Release Date: 07/28/2009

Released about 6 weeks before their debut Chasing Hamburg LP on Bridge Nine, this 7 inch single, titled The Summer of George, was limited to a single pressing of 1,500 copies, split over 3 different color variants.  Track #2, Dead Man, is exclusive to this single.  There are a few more test pressings of this than we'd typically order.  We expected 15, but received 30 (it was ordered at the same time as our Bridge Nine 2009 Compilation LP, which had a special request of 30 test pressings to accommodate all of the bands that appeared on the record).

Track Listing:
1. Living Saints
2. Dead Man [EP Exclusive]
3. Boxes

1st Press / 300

1st Press / 400

1st Press / 800

Test Press / 30