Bridge Nine "Summer Compilation 2009" #B9R117

Release Date: 06/26/2009

For the summer of 2009, Bridge Nine wanted to go big and promote all of the great new records that we had in the works.  When we realized that 8 of the songs for our annual sampler comp were new or unreleased (including a still exclusive track from Crime In Stereo and the only appearance of Lions and Lambs by Have Heart (recorded during the Songs To Scream At The Sun session put kept off the album), we decided to not only release it as a full digipack CD, but we also pressed the first 9 songs on 12" vinyl LP, and released a single pressing of 1,000 copies on gray marble vinyl.  There are a few extra test pressings of this than usual, but we wanted to give every band a couple of copies each.

Track Listing:
1. Strike Anywhere - Hand Of Glory
2. Death Before Dishonor - Better Ways To Die
3. Polar Bear Club - Living Saints
4. Ruiner - Two Words
5. Dead Swans - Thinking Of You
6. Soul Control - Beyond Words
7. Crime In Stereo - War (exclusive track)
8. Paint It Black - Salem
9. Have Heart - Lions And Lambs (exclusive track)
10. H2O - Sunday (CD only)
11. Cruel Hand - Wisdom / Pain (CD only)
12. Ceremony - A Blight On Mental Health (CD only)
13. Defeater - The City By Dawn (CD only)
14. Energy - 400 (CD only)

1st Press / 1000

Test Press / 30