Paint It Black "Amnesia" #B9R113

Release Date: 07/14/2009

Paint It Black is the most consistent band in hardcore. They have made one thing known - they are going to give you hardcore that is melodic at times, ferocious and discordant at others and Dan Yemin's lyrics will be angry, poignant and at times, humorous and sarcastic. Most bands with this pedigree would rest on their laurels, but as Paint It Black has shown the only thing they're going to do every time is mix it up -  one minute is uncomfortable and furious, the next minute cathartic and energetic, and closing with "Bliss" - the song described by Yemin as "sounding like Fugazi having a three-way with Jawbreaker and Nirvana."

Track Listing:
1. Salem
2. Homesick
3. Nicotine
4. Amnesia
5. Bliss

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