New Found Glory "Listen To Your Friends" #B9R109

Release Date: 02/12/2009

Listen To Your Friends was a single off of New Found Glory's 2009 album, Not Without A Fight.  The music video for the song had an "UFC" theme, so we printed the 7 inch jackets with a shiny metallic gold, embossed the shape and texture of a championship wrestling belt, and pressed the single on red, white and blue vinyl.  The rarest variant, clear, was limited to 500 copies.  The B-side of the single was a "karaoke" version of the title track, which was used as part of a contest for New Found Glory fans to sing their own versions of the song.  

Track Listing:
1. Listen To Your Friends
2. Listen To Your Friends (Karaoke Version)

1st Press / 500

1st Press / 1000

1st Press / 1000

1st Press / 1500

Test Press / 15