Ruiner "I Heard These Dudes Are Assholes" #B9R105

Release Date: 09/30/2008

Ruiner made a name for themselves relentlessly touring everywhere they could. IHTDAA is a 14-song collection that compiles their previous EPs (What Could Possibly Go Right and the split with Day Of The Dead - released on 1917, Firestarter, Grave Mistake and Burn Bridges), and the band's original demo. The songs were remastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East (Converge, Hope Conspiracy) and are sharper and heavier than ever.  The LP of this release has a photo of the band spread over the front and back of the jacket, and the name of the band and title of the record are printed with a glossy spot UV finish across the entire front. The CD version of this title had two versions, the standard jewel case release, and the expanded version, that was limited to 200 copies and the CD came inside of a 96 page, perfect bound book featuring lyrics and a whole slew of photos.

Track Listing:
1. Once Loved
2. Paint Peals
3. Adhering To Superstition
4. Lockjaw
5. Getting Over The Overs
6. Out Go The Candles
7. A Bridge Too Many
8. Six By Six
9. Dear Philadelphia
10. Sincerely
11. Paint Peals (Demo
12. Adhering To Superstition (Demo
13. Six By Six (Demo
14. The Lives We Fear (Demo)

2nd Press / 500

RR Press / 200

1st Press / 500

1st Press / 800

Test Press / 15

CD + 96 Page Book / 200