H2O "Nothing To Prove" #B9R092

Release Date: 05/27/2008

H2O's long awaited fifth full-length album Nothing To Prove. This isn't a "comeback" as much as it's a complete and total declaration that H2O never went anywhere and they're better than ever. Produced by Chad Gilbert and engineered by Paul Miner, Nothing To Prove is 10 songs of exactly what H2O fans had been waiting for - and it's the most urgent and personal album the band has ever made.

The first two pressings featured full color center labels with a picture of the band on both sides. That was replaced with a black and white label featuring a larger H2O logo for the 3rd and subsequent pressings. It should also be noted that a barcode did not appear on the LP jacket until the 4th (and subsequent) pressings. 

The 6th pressing is a special 10th anniversary variant, housed in a gatefold LP jacket and special 10th anniversary center labels, with 1,000 copies split between clear and green with black "smoke" vinyl. 

Track Listing:
1. 1995
2. Nothing To Prove
3. Sunday
4. A Thin Line
5. Unconditional
6. Still Here
7. Fairweather Friend
8. Heart On My Sleeve
9. Mitts
10. What Happened?

6th Press / 300

6th Press / 700

5th Press / 1000

4th Press / 1000

3rd Press / 746

2nd Press / 1000

1st Press / 100

1st Press / 500

1st Press / 800

1st Press / 1200

Test Press / 25