Have Heart "The Things We Carry" #B9R075

Release Date: 08/08/2006

A top 5 label defining album for Bridge Nine, this title is a favorite of collectors and is currently in its 11th pressing.  The first edition of The Things We Carry was limited to 1,000 copies.  Of which, 100 pieces (split between 60 of the brown marble and 40 of the blue marble record) had spray painted record release covers, made by the band themselves.  The first two pressings came in accompanying gatefold LP jackets.  For the 3rd pressing, we switched to a standard LP jacket, but for the 4th pressing, after realizing that we had at least 100 gatefold jackets left over, we pressed an additional 100 copies on black vinyl to make use of them.  This black vinyl variant was initially not made publicly available, rather it was sent to random mail order customers in lieu of the red vinyl variant they had ordered (of which 1,000 copies had been pressed), as a surprise upgrade.  The fourth pressing also saw this title moving to a new pressing plant, as the first three pressings had been done at GZ Vinyl through a vinyl broker who had gone out of business.  New test pressings were ordered and approved from United Record Pressing in Nashville, TN, and all subsequent pressings have been pressed there.

Track Listing:
1. Life Is Hard Enough
2. Watch Me Sink
3. Armed With A Mind
4. About Face
5. The Unbreakable
6. Old Man II
7. Song Of Shame
8. To Us Fools
9. Something More Than Ink
10. The Machinist
11. Watch Me Rise

12th Press / 1000

11th Press / 1000

10th Press / 1000

9th Press / 1000

8th Press / 1000

7th Press / 1000

6th Press / 1000

5th Press / 1000

4th Press / 100

4th Press / 1000

Test Press / 20

3rd Press / 1000

2nd Press / 1000

1st Press / 40

1st Press / 60

1st Press / 260

1st Press / 640

Test Press / 15


Cassette / 200

Cassette / 300

10th Anniv. 18"x24" Poster / 246