Bridge Nine "MMVI" #B9R073

Release Date: 03/25/2006

In an effort to help promote four albums that Bridge Nine released during the spring and summer of 2006, the MMVI compilation was released.  A four song 7" version, limited to a single pressing of 1,500 copies was released on two different colorways, and included one song from each album.  An expanded CD version was also made available and widely distributed for free, featuring two songs from each album, as well as 3 extra tracks from bands that also had albums out on Bridge Nine in 2006 (Death Before Dishonor's expanded Friends, Family, Forever EP, Panic's Strength In Solitude collection LP and the Miles Away Consequences CD).

Expanded CD Sampler Track Listing:
1. Outbreak - Down But Not Out
2. Outbreak - Square One
3. Have Heart - The Machinist
4. Have Heart - The Unbreakable
5. Think I Care - Nature of the Beast
6. Think I Care - Life Sentence
7. Triple Threat - Easy Target
8. Triple Threat - Something More
9. Death Before Dishonor - Curl Up and Die
10. Panic - Turn Cold
11. Miles Away - Through It All

7" Track Listing:
1. Have Heart - The Unbreakable
2. Triple Threat - Easy Target
3. Outbreak - Square One
4. Think I Care - Life Sentence

1st Press / 500

1st Press / 1000

Test Press / 30