Betrayed "Addiction" #B9R064

Release Date: 02/01/2005

Featuring members of Champion and Carry On, Betrayed's debut EP is a collection of fast straight edge melodic hardcore anthems, throwing in influences from Dag Nasty and DC hardcore.  For a record that initially did not intend to have many variants, this record is difficult to collect.  The rarest version, the black vinyl with red center labels variant, was their "record release" copy and each one was hand rubber-stamped in the kitchen of the Che Cafe before the show.  The 2nd pressing, which was limited to only 100 copies, was supposed to be all translucent blue vinyl, but 4 copies arrived almost entirely translucent green, with just a wisp of blue.  The EP was also licensed to Dead & Gone Records, who had also released Champion's Promises Kept in Europe, and they pressed it as a 12" EP, limited to just 500 black vinyl copies.

Track Listing:
1.Time Won't Wait
2. Understand
3. A Light In The Dark
4. Addiction
5. Betrayed
6. Proud To Be

12" EP 1st Press (Euro) / 500

12" EP Test Press (Euro) / 10


3rd 7" Press / 900

2nd 7" Press / 96

2nd 7" Press / 4

1st 7" Press / 90

1st 7" Press / 100

1st 7" Press / 250

1st 7" Press / 250

1st 7" Press / 300

7" Test Press  / 10