Death Before Dishonor "Friends Family Forever" Re-Issue #B9R061

Release Date: 02/22/2005

Death Before Dishonor has risen to become Boston's hardest working hardcore band. After releasing the original Friends Family Forever EP, DBD toured for almost two years straight. This CD compiles the original EP, the split with Black Friday '29, an unreleased song, and a six song set from the now closed down CBGBs. Ten studio songs, all remastered, remixed and with new packaging. They've earned it.

Originally released as a 7 song CD EP in February of 2005, Death Before Dishonor's Bridge Nine debut was re-released in 2006 on LP with 3 new studio tracks (songs that first appeared on a vinyl-only split 7" with the band Black Friday '29), making it a 10 song collection.  The album was also re-issued as a full length CD, with an additional 6 songs that had been recorded live at NYC's iconic CBGB club.

Track Listing:
1. Born From Misery
2. Endless Suffering
3. By My Side
4. Never Again
5. Walk Away
6. Dying Inside
7. Curl Up And Die
8. Game's Over
9. Dead To Me
10. 6.6.6. Friends Family Forever
11. Born From Misery (Live)
12. Curl Up and Die (Live)
13. Friends, Family, Forever (Live)
14. Endless Suffering (Live)
15. Never Again (Live)
16. True Till Death (Live)

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1st Press / 700

Test Press / 15