No Warning "Suffer Survive" #B9R060x

Release Date: Unreleased, received at label, Summer 2005

Slated to be released on vinyl in 2005, No Warning's major label debut, "Suffer, Survive", was originally released on CD by Machine Shop Records (a label started by Linkin Park and distributed by Warner Bros. Records) on October 19th, 2004.  The CD layout was designed by Jacob Bannon (Converge, Deathwish Inc.) and after lengthy delays in payment by Machine Shop / Warner for the original CD art, the release of the LP was nixed in mid 2005 when it became clear that the band wouldn't be continuing on for much longer.  By that time, the test pressings for the B9 release had already been approved.  The album finally saw a proper vinyl release over 10 years after it was recorded, when it was released in April of 2014 by Six Feet Under Records, in a one time edition of 1,500 copies.

Track Listing:
1. Dirtier than the Next
2. Bad Timing
3. Modern Eyes
4. Scratch the Skin
5. Hopeless Case
6. Back to Life
7. No Don't Think So
8. Breeding Insanity
9. Live Through Me
10. S304n

Test Press / 16