Bridge Nine "Bridge Nine: Hardcore" #B9R060

Release Date: 11/01/2005

BRIDGE NINE: Hardcore was a 21 song "greatest hits" collection, featuring bands active on the label through the summer of 2005.  A crash course in a more recent chunk of the labels history (at the time), this CD was a low cost sampler available exclusively at Hot Topic stores and sold on the counter for $4.99.  A great introduction to a whole new generation of kids.  The disc featured cover art by celebrated NYHC illustrator Sean Taggart.   It was given the catalog #B9R060 shortly after the the No Warning Suffer Survive LP was scrapped (after the test pressings had been received reflecting B9R:60 on the record's matrix).

Track Listing:
1. The Truth (Champion)
2. Black Hole... (Give Up The Ghost)
3. Born From Misery (Death Before Dishonor)
4. Let It Out (Blue Monday)
5. Understand (Betrayed)
6. A Life Less Plagued (Carry On)
7. True Colors (No Turning Back)
8. Get An Oxygen Tank (Mental)
9. Short Fuse (No Warning)
10. Bargain Bin (Some Kind Of Hate)
11. You Make Us Sick (Outbreak)
12. Perspective (Stand & Fight)
13. My Favorite Mistake Was You (Panic)
14. As One We Stand (Death Threat)
15. No Regrets (The Trouble)
16. No Love Goes Unpunished (The Hope Conspiracy)
17. Sleep (Ramallah)
18. My Fist, Your Face (For The Worse)
19. Worlds Apart (Miles Away)
20. Misery Loves Company (Shark Attack)
21. Suffocate (First Blood)