Terror "One With The Underdogs" #B9R059

Release Date: 07/27/2004

Terror's One With the Underdogs LP, their full length debut, ended up being released by Trustkill Records (RIP).  To continue the bands relationship that was started with Lowest of the Low, the LP vinyl was licensed to Bridge Nine.  A first set of test pressings was ordered and approved from Erika Records,  but the pressing plants turnaround time became greatly compromised and it became clear that they wouldn't be able to meet the distributors street date.  Bridge Nine pulled the release from the plant and brought it to United Record Pressing, who said they'd be able to meet the deadline.  A 2nd set of tests was approved, and the first (and only) Bridge Nine pressing of the record was pressed, which included two 150 piece variants (one exclusive to Bridge Nine, the other to the now defunct Trustkill label).

Track Listing:
1. One With The Underdogs
2. Keep Your Mouth Shut
3. Less Than Zero
4. Are We Alive?
5. Overcome
6. Spit My Rage
7. No One Cares
8. Not This Time
9. Crushed By Truth
10. Out Of My Face
11. All I've Got
12. Find My way
13. Enemies In Sight

1st Press / 150

1st Press / 150

1st Press / 700

Test Press / 

Test Press (Not Used) /