Project X "Straight Edge Revenge" #B9R049

Release Date: 09/20/2005

Officially licensed from Schism Records, the Bridge Nine release of the seminal Project X EP was the first time an authorized version had been released since the original pressing of 500 copies debuted in 1987.  The first Bridge Nine pressing includes a /500 variant on white vinyl with hand numbered "B9Press" center labels.  These were included in the first 500 copies of the book Schism: New York Hardcore Fanzine.  The first and second pressings both include a /1000 variant on black, so to distinguish between the two, we included a "-2" after the catalog number on the 2nd pressing center label.

Track Listing:
1. Straight Edge Revenge
2. Shutdown
3. Cross Me
4. Dance Floor Justice
5. Where It Ends
6. Live (2 songs, CD only)

6th Press / 1000

5th Press / 1000

4th Press / 1000

3rd Press / 1000

2nd Press / 1000

1st Press / 500

1st Press / 1000

Test Press / 21