Outbreak "You Make Us Sick" #B9R048

Release Date: 07/27/2004

Outbreak's Bridge Nine debut.  The band initially went into the studio with legendary hardcore producer Don Fury (Judge, Youth of Today) and recorded 11 songs, but it only clocked in at 10 minutes of music.  So, those tracks made up the 7" version of the EP, and the band went into the studio again and recorded 4 more songs for the CD.   The vinyl of this EP had two very similar colors used, so it's hard to tell the difference between the /340 and /770 variants.  Both used a solid yellow marble base, but the more common variant had black mixed in, and the rarest  variant had green mixed in (both were to give it a "vomit" look, as the cover art features a dirty sink).  There was an overrun on the vinyl (or a shortage on covers, or a mix of both) so we ended up with over 200 copies without 7 inch jackets, so we screen printed a repeating Outbreak logo on blank "Warehouse Edition" covers and sold the remaining copies in two hand-numbered editions.  There was also a 12" version of the EP licensed by Burial Records (UK) which included all 15 songs and was limited to a one time pressing of 500 copies.

Track Listing:
1. Infected
2. You're A Waste
3. Spit In Your Face
4. No One Cares
5. MP
6. Pushed Aside
7. You Make Us Sick
8. Braindead/Scum
9. Sick And Tired
10. Don't Need You
11. Out(break)tro
12. I Blame You (CD Only)
13. Useless (CD Only)
14. No Second Chances (CD Only)
15. Dead To Me (CD Only)

1st UK/Euro 12" Press / 500

1st 7" Press (WE) / 143

1st 7" Press / 340

1st 7" Press / 770

1st 7" Press / 1100

Test Press / 15