Stand & Fight "Stand & Fight" #B9R042

Release Date: 08/12/2003

This self-titled EP featured 6 new songs from Stand & Fight on the 7 inch vinyl, and compiled the bands Impact Demo recording session onto the CD, making it a 12 song full length.  There are two CD versions, the earlier jewel case press, and the released shortly later, redesigned digipack.  A single vinyl pressing of 1,250 copies includes a black vinyl edition with blank center labels, that were hand stamped and sold at the 2003 Posi Numbers Fest in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Track Listing:
1. Nothing New
2. End Of The Line
3. Pressure Builds
4. My Right
5. Break The Mold
6. Stand & Fight
7. I Won't Break (CD Only)
8. Dead In My Eyes (CD Only)
9. Look Around (CD Only)
10. Excuses (CD Only)
11. Pushing Your Luck (CD Only)
12. My Mistake (CD Only)

1st Press / 250

1st Press / 300

1st Press / 700

Test Press / 10

Test Press / 10

CD (Jewel Case)

CD (Digipack)