Champion "Come Out Swinging" #B9R036

Release Date: 02/01/2003

Originally pressed in 2001 on 7 inch vinyl by Phyte Records in the U.S. and Platinum Recordings in Europe, by 2003 the recording was no longer in circulation and the band wanted to make it available again through Bridge Nine.  A set first set of test pressings was rejected, not because of the music, but because the matrix had been etched wrong.  Friend (and booking agent) of the band was referenced on an etching that at first read "Matt Pike, modern day Archie".  It SHOULD have read "Matt Pike, modern day Archie Bunker" so a 2nd set of test pressings with BUNKER etched into the original plate was received.   The first pressing also included a limited to 116 version with hand stamped labels and an alternate cover, that was sold at Posi Numbers Fest in Wilkes-Barre, PA.   A second, limited pressing of only 250 records on opaque orange vinyl was released a couple of years later, with Time Slips Away center labels, in 2005 when the TSA collection CD compiled both of Champion's EP's, including 2002's Count Our Numbers EP.

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Harrison & Broadway
3. Assume The Worst
4. Insider
5. Left Your Mark
6. Thank You Note
7. One To Two

2nd Press / 250

1st Press / 116

1st Press / 300

1st Press / 700

Test Press (Approved) /

Test Press (Rejected) /