Holding On "Question What You Live For" #B9R031

Release Date: 11/26/2002

Fifteen songs from Minnesota's Holding On. Despite the isolation of the Midwest, Holding On managed to establish themselves as a force in the hardcore punk community. Not trying to be one style or another, Holding On simply play fast, abrasive hardcore punk rock that brings the mosh and the melody at the same time. Recorded at Atomic Studios with Dean Baltulonis.  

The first pressing was supposed to include 300 on orange marble vinyl, but we only received 275 on orange, and 42 arrived very distinctly as a yellow marble vinyl.  The 96 copies on black were made for the bands record release show, and had to be sent same-day shipment via plane in order to make it in time for the show. 

Track Listing:
1. Turn The Screw
2. Invasion of the Assholes
3. Your Excuses Are As Lame As You Are
4. Fate Comes Crashing
5. All Or Nothing
6. Valentine Park
7. From Here To Nowhere
8. Critical Condition
9. These Hallowed Halls
10. You're Kidding Right?
11. St. Patrick's Day
12. One Night & Counting
13. The Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Played
14. Dead Silent
15. Do I Make Myself Clear?

MLIW Final Show Press / 40

1st Press / 42

1st Press / 90

1st Press / 96

1st Press  / 275

1st Press / 500

Test Press / 8