No Warning "Ill Blood" #B9R030

Release Date: 11/26/2002

Originally released in the fall of 2002, this album was ordered with very specific instructions for the vinyl pressing plant, to make a limited to 350 copy variant with dark brown and blood red vinyl pressed in the "cow pattern", to be affectionately known as the "shit and blood" pressing.  After numerous delays, we received what could only be referred to as the "PB & J" pressing, based on the tan and purplish color that matched peanut butter and jelly.  We kept 50 copies of this mispressing and sent the rest back to the plant to be recycled, and waited several more months for the correct colorway to arrive.  Between the slight overrun of vinyl that we received, and the shortage of covers (we used a new printer and weren't happy with the results), there ended up being copies of the vinyl without jackets.  So, we screen printed the No Warning log x4 with "Ill Blood" on a "Warehouse Edition" LP jacket, and made them available years after the initial run had gone out of press.  

In 2012, ten years after its original release, we re-issued the album, this time pairing it up with a 2nd 12 inch record, a bonus that included the bands first EP (originally released as a 7" on Martyr Records) and their self-released demo recording on side C of a 2xLP re-issue.  Side D featured a screen printed NWC (No Warning Crew) illustration by Damian Abraham (Fucked Up) on 300 clear yellow copies, and as an etching on the rest of the pressing.  Both LP's were housed in an expanded gatefold LP jacket.  The test pressings for the 2012 re-issue were packaged separately in spray paint stenciled covers, because while we had received 20 copies of the Ill Blood LP test, only 19 copies of the Self-Titled /Demo 12" test pressing came in.

Track Listing:
1. Behind These Walls
2. No Time For You
3. Answer The Call
4. Short Fuse
5. Wound Up
6. Growing Silent
7. Caught In The Web
8. All New Low
9. Over My Shoulder
10. Leech
11. Pushing On
12. Ill Blood

1st 2xLP Press / 300

1st 2xLP Press / 700

1st 2xLP Press / 1000

1st 2xLP Test Press (A/B) / 20

1st 2xLP Test Press (C/ 19


1st Press  / 50

1st Press / 350

1st Press / 600

WE 1st Press / 

WE 1st Press / 

Test Press /