Panic "Panic EP" #B9R028

Release Date: 06/29/2002

The test pressings for Panic's second 7 inch EP have brown vellum covers.  A record release version of this record was made available by the band in an edition of only 35 copies, and each record utilized a recycled cover from an old 45.  The final pressing of 200 on pink with spray painted center labels was made when we realized still had some excess covers in the warehouse.  The 7" version of this EP is out of print but the songs are part of side A of Panic's 12" compilation Strength In Solitude, which also includes the bands 2nd and 3rd EP's and is available here.

Track Listing:
1. Turn Cold
2. Into The Reasons
3. Our Choice Is Made
4. Pale
5. Fall On Proverb (Hidden Track)

2nd Press / 200

1st Press (Record Release) / 35

1st Press / 146

1st Press / 200

1st Press / 300

Test Press / 10