Champion "Count Our Numbers" #B9R026

Release Date: 03/01/2002

This four song 7 inch (and 6 song CD) was released in early 2002.  Only 2,000 copies were pressed in the first edition, which included 116 on white (with a limited Youth of Today tribute photocopied sleeve).  A second, limited pressing of only 250 records on translucent purple vinyl was released a few years later, with Time Slips Away center labels, in 2005 when the TSA collection CD compiled both of Champion's EP's, including their earlier Come Out Swinging EP.

Track Listing:
1. The Decline
2. Fourth Of July
3. Time Slips Away
4. Monument
5. One Sixteen (CD Only)
6. Is Anybody There? (CD Only)

2nd Press / 250

1st Press / 116

1st Press / 250

1st Press / 384

1st Press / 1250

Test Press / 16

Test Press (w/o cover) / 2