Sworn In "Sworn In" #B9R024

Release Date: 05/28/2002

The Sworn In Self-Titled EP was co-released by Reflections Records in Holland, so Bridge Nine manufactured and distributed the 7 inch in North America while Reflections handled Europe.  Sworn In played like a soundtrack to slit wrists and torn hearts. Combining classic hardcore songwriting and a "going for the throat" approach, this English straight edge band demonstrated aggression, urgency and passion. Heartbroken and pissed off, satirical and poetic, the lyrics convey a sense of sadness and loss echoed in the music. For fans of Carry On and American Nightmare.

Track Listing:
1. The Turn On
2. Switchblades and Serenades
3. Pretty Girls Die Just the Same
4. (V) For Vendetta (CD only)
5. I Killed Midnight
6. Stories Hollywood Never Tells
7. Where Death is the Cure

European Press / 250

European Press / 250

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Test Press / 8