Carry On "A Life Less Plagued" #B9R019

Release Date: 10/16/2001

Bridge Nine's first proper full length album (not just a vinyl-only license as was the case with Death Threat's Peace & Security LP).  Bridge Nine covered everything from the plane tickets to the van rental to the recording of the album so when it came time to press the record, we had to cut the original gatefold LP jacket designed by Jacob Bannon (Converge, Deathwish Inc.) to a standard LP sleeve to save money when it was originally released in 2001.  Carry On didn't live on much longer after their full length album debut but it became a definitive release for the label (and California hardcore) as each member went on to form the next wave of West Coast hardcore bands (such as Terror, Piece By Piece, Betrayed, Internal Affairs and many more).  Long out of print by the albums 10th anniversary, its legacy was further set in stone with a 2011 re-issue, which included the original gatefold jacket that had been scrapped a decade earlier to help cut costs. There was a very limited variant of this LP and a story behind it: Linas Garsys (most notably known for his illustration work for American Nightmare) was on the Fall 2001 tour with Carry On and hand illustrated the shrink wrap of around 8 (?) clear vinyl copies with a black sharpie. Each illustration was unique, we have a photo of one in our discography below.

Track Listing:
1. The View
2. Waiting On Forever
3. Killing A Sound
4. Roll With The Punches
5. Mirrors & Needles
6. Is This All There Is?
7. A Life Less Plagued
8. X's Always Win
9. So Much Of You
10. Off My Chest
11. Broken Strings
12. Rethinking

2nd Press / 500

2nd Press / 1500

2nd Test Press / 20

1st Press (Linas Illustration) / 8?

1st Press / 150

1st Press / 400

1st Press / 1400

Test Press / 8