Death Threat / Over My Dead Body "Split" #B9R018

Release Date: 04/30/2002

The fifth Bridge Nine release to include visual contributions by illustrator Linas Garsys, this split pairs up East Coast vs. West Coast, with Death Threat (CT) and Over My Dead Body (CA), respectively.  Each band contributed two new original songs as well as a cover from a band on the opposite coast (Death Threat covering Chain of Strength's Best of Times and OMDB covering No Class by Reagan Youth).  The first pressing included 100 green vinyl records with white paper photo copied "tour" covers (sold by Over My Dead Body) and 100 green vinyl records with red paper photo copied covers (sold by Death Threat). Sometime after the 3rd pressing of 1,000 copies was released, we realized that we still had about 250 printed covers left, so a final edition of 250 records on red vinyl was pressed, with DT and OMDB spray painted on their respective blank paper center labels.  This EP was also available as a limited CD pressing, with two different "fan disc" variants (fan discs were CD EP's that had a smaller CD disc but a clear plastic edge to make it a standard CD size).  We printed the clear part of the disc with two different colors (pictured here, green) to simulate a translucent color 7 inch record.  The vinyl (and CDEP) versions for this release are out of print but the songs are available on Bridge Nine Singles Collection Volume 2.

Track Listing:
1. As One We Stand (Death Threat)
2. Known All Along (Death Threat)
3. Best Of Times (Death Threat)
4. Broken Backs (Over My Dead Body)
5. Always and Forever (Over My Dead Body)
6. No Class (Over My Dead Body)

4th Press / 250

3rd Press / 1000

2nd Press / 1000

1st Press (Tour Press) / 100

1st Press (Tour Press) / 100

1st Press / 300

1st Press / 500

Test Press / 15