Give Up The Ghost "American Nightmare" #B9R007

Release Date: 07/01/2000

The single that helped put Bridge Nine on the worldwide map.  Officially released in stores on August 22nd, 2000, this 6 song 7" (and 7 song CD) paired vocalist (and lyricist) Wes Eisold with Ten Yard Fight's Tim Cossar.   The first version available for sale was the "Please Die!" labeled records on blue vinyl, with hand numbered center labels and in an edition of 300 copies.  A clear vinyl version was limited to 100 copies with hand cut covers slipped into picture disc sleeves, this was considered a "friends press" and was given to many of the bands friends (each copy given away has the name of the friend it was given to on the back of the cover).  The red vinyl with special yellow and blue covers (featuring a photo ofthe band "Straight Ahead" and referred to as the "Mosh Camp" editions) were created by Wes and distributed to friends as well.  The 2nd pressing was limited to only 250 copies on gray vinyl, with hand numbered center labels and hand cut covers, and was released (and pretty much sold out) at the Fall 2000 "Back To School Jam" show in Framingham, Massachusetts.   Later, after the third pressing of 900 on black vinyl exhausted the labels supply of hand-glued strapped 7 inch sleeves, a fourth and final pressing on black vinyl was released, in an edition of 600 copies and featuring a special fold-over cover featuring artwork by illustrator (and friend of the band) Linas Garsys.  The 7" version of this EP is out of print but the songs make up side A of the 12" compilation "Year One", which also includes the bands 2nd EP.

Track Listing:
1. Protest Song
2. Sore Throat Syndrome
3. Fuck What Fireworks Stand For
4. The Ice Age Is Coming
5. Please Die
6. The Day The Music Died
7. Farewell (CD Only)

4th Press / 600

3rd Press / 900

2nd Press / 250

1st Press / 500

1st Press / 355

1st Press / 24

1st Press / 6

1st Press / 122

1st Press (Tour Press) / 300

1st Press / 100

Test Press / 27