Right Brigade / A Poor Excuse "Split EP" #B9R006

Release Date: 02/03/2000

Jesse Standhard (formerly of Tenfold) returns to the label fronting his new band, Right Brigade.   Bridge Nine took two of the songs from their self-released demo tape, their cover of "Hang Up Your Boots" (Slapshot) and paired them up with five songs from Boston's A Poor Excuse.   The vinyl for this release came in without issue, but the covers took FOREVER.  Our first order at a place called Custom Printing in San Diego, California, was delayed for months (without reason) so several limited covers were made, in the effort to get the split out.  The first was the "Iron Cross' inspired sleeve, limited to 69 copies.  Released when Right Brigade played a show at the Worcester Palladium with the newly reformed Cro-Mags (featuring both JJ and Harley) in February of 2000.  later that month, Right Brigade joined In My Eyes and American Nightmare (on AN's first weekend of shows) and in lieu of having the actual covers, the gray cardstock cover featuring the skull tattoo flash was created in an effort for the band to have records to sell.  Ultimately, the "Fuck Off!" cover was the third and final limited sleeve created, while we awaited the full color glue pocket jackets that the rest of the first pressing (and subsequent two additional pressings) were released in.

The vinyl for this release is out of print but the songs are available on Bridge Nine Singles Collection Volume 2.

Track Listing:
1. Understand (Right Brigade)
2. More than I've Got (Right Brigade)
3. Hang Up Your Boots (Right Brigade)
4. Movement (A Poor Excuse)
5. Roommate (A Poor Excuse)
6. Fill In The Blank (A Poor Excuse)
7. Drunk, Poor, On The Floor (A Poor Excuse)
8. Sick & Tired (A Poor Excuse)

3rd Press / 350

2nd Press / 750

2nd Press / 250

1st Press / 181

1st Press / 355

1st Press / 152

1st Press / 100

1st Press / 150

1st Press / 69

Test Press (no cover) / 3

Test Press / 25