The Trust "The Trust EP" #B9R004

Release Date: 10/01/1998

The Trust were a Boston Straight Edge band that looked up to In My Eyes in a similar way as DYS did to SSD.  Their only vinyl output was this 6 song EP.  The band broke up shortly after and was reformed as Down But Not Out.  This is Bridge Nine's 4th release and the 2nd of only two records released on the label in 1998.  The vinyl for this release is out of print but the songs are available on Bridge Nine Singles Collection Volume 1.

Track Listing:
1. Forget What I've Seen
2. Too Young
3. Can't Commit
4. Marked For Life
5. Kindness For Weakness
6. Where I Belong

1st Press / 101

1st Press / 900

Test Press / 3