Proclamation "Straight Edge Hardcore" #B9R003

Release Date: 02/22/1998

Bridge Nine's 3rd 7 inch single, released 3 years after the label was formed.  Singer Mark Fields worked at a print shop, where the first batch of fold over covers was mis-printed with pink instead of red ink.  Before the covers were recycled, at least 8 were kept, so as to use them for the test pressings.  The vinyl for this release is out of print but the songs are available on Bridge Nine Singles Collection Volume 1.

Track Listing:
1. Straight Edge Hardcore
2. What It Takes
3. In The Family
4. Glorify The Lies
5. You Should Pay
6. On The Rise
7. Torn Apart
8. You Gave In

2nd Press / 380

1st Press / 101

1st Press / 200

1st Press / 700

Test Press / 8