TenFold "Now Is Our Time" #B9R002

Release Date: 04/01/1997

Bridge Nine's 2nd release, this three song 7 inch was posthumously released after the band had broken up.  Two members of Tenfold had recently moved from Connecticut to attend school in Boston and had started a new band with friends there, called In My Eyes. IME had an opportunity to sign with Revelation Records pretty much after they released their demo, so the band ultimately broke up without warning while playing a show at the Tune Inn in New Haven, Connecticut.  This EP had been recorded (along with a cover of Judge's "Holding On") in a recent session, so Bridge Nine offered to release them on vinyl.  A first pressing of only 300 copies sold out pretty quickly, so a 2nd (and final) pressing of 500 on black vinyl was released.  The vinyl for this release is out of print but the songs are available on Bridge Nine Singles Collection Volume 1.

Track Listing:
1. What It Meant
2. Wont Fade Away
3. Now Is Our Time

1st Press / 100

1st Press / 200

2nd Press / 500

Test Press / 2