TenFold / Sum Of All Fears "Split" #B9R001

Release Date: 08/03/1996

The first release (and first vinyl record) that appeared on Bridge Nine.  Tenfold had recently lost their original singer, and guitarist Neal St. Clair had taken over on vocals.  The band wanted to get something new out quickly to distance themselves from the former, so they recorded three new songs and paired them up with two songs from their friends in Sum Of All Fears.  The 7" was officially released (and most of the green copies were sold) at a show that both bands played on August 3rd, 1996 at the CT Bike Exchange in Bristol, Connecticut. The vinyl for this release is out of print but the songs are available on Bridge Nine Singles Collection Volume 1

Track Listing:
1. Avidity (Sum Of All Fears)
2. Ambers Almighty Warhammer (Sum Of All Fears)
3. Chosen Path (Tenfold)
4. Stand Hard (Tenfold)
5. Break The Chain (Tenfold)

1st Press / 113

1st Press / 900

Test Press / 5